Falcon is a client-centric property inspection company. We have conducted thousands of inspections on every type of residential property over the past two decades.


Falcon is a second-generation family-owned business. As a father and son team we encompass more than two decades of property inspection experience.  During that time, we have never wavered from our singular goal: To provide our clients with the best information about the properties that we inspect. Our proprietary methodology, superior credentials and training, diverse experience and excellent communication skills ensure that we meet this goal on every inspection. 

We use infrared thermography on every inspection. As experienced thermographers, we provide clients with information about anomalies that may not be seen by the naked eye. This might include leaks under sinks or at washing machine supply boxes; cooling, heating and distribution vent performance; and operating temperatures of circuit breakers, blower motors, pool pumps and other equipment.

Our high-value approach includes verbal and written reports that exceed the State of Arizona and American Society of Home Inspectors Standards of Practice. We include both color and infrared digital photos (we take roughly 50,000 photos every year).

We meld this verbal summary with an incomparable written report. The report includes an easy to read, concise summary that is organized by importance of defects, includes specific numerical reference to the main report and includes color digital photos. This makes it easy for real estate agents to produce the BINSR (Buyer’s Notification and Seller’s Response) document.


Traditional Home Inspection

Full-scope traditional home inspection for buyers in advance of the purchase.

Pre-Listing Inspection

Full-scope home inspection for sellers (pre-listing) that desire to know their home’s condition before listing it.

Component Inspection

Limited scope inspection on specific components/systems of the home such as roof, pool, appliances, cooling, heating, etc.

Pool Inspection

Pool inspection using our proprietary methodology. Both principals, John Elson and Greg Elson are Certified Pool Operators as determined by the National Swimming Pool Foundation


Re-inspection for buyers after the seller has made repairs based on the Buyer’s Notification & Seller’s Response (BINSR) document.

Infrared Consultation

Infrared consultation regarding plumbing leaks, grading and drainage-related water intrusion, roof leaks, insulation deficiencies, and other concerns

Commercial Inspection

Commercial inspection such as office suites and multi-unit apartment buildings.We can handle almost any type of project through our joint venture relationships.


Falcon is a client-centric, full-service property inspection company encompassing more than 20 years of property inspection experience. Our mission is to deliver exceptional service and information to clients and real estate agents throughout Arizona. We are very proud of our thorough on-site verbal summaries and written inspection reports.


  • Both inspectors are ASHI-Certified (American Society of Home Inspectors) as well as Arizona State Licensed.
  • Both inspectors are Background Verified Inspectors.
  • Both inspectors use infrared thermography.
  • Most inspections are conducted by a team of two inspectors.
  • Every inspection includes a detailed, on-site summary with our clients including a review of all photos. Summaries typically encompass an hour as we try to answer client questions at the same time.
  • Every inspection includes a three-ring binder with collateral materials, including the Arizona Standards of Practice and Code of Conduct brochure and a book from Tom Feiza, Mr. Fix-It, entitled “How to Operate Your Home.” This book is filled with excellent diagrams and maintenance practices.


Thousands of inspections conducted on every type of property, including:

  • Single family homes, both large and small, including condos, townhomes and multi-million dollar estates.
  • Multi-unit properties from 1-4 units such as small apartment buildings and condominiums.
  • Extensive experience with first time homebuyers through our FTHB (First Time Home Buyer) Program. We provide demonstrations of water and electric shut-offs as well as discussions regarding garage door maintenance, window maintenance and other subjects that make our clients feel more comfortable with their new home.Clients receive a copy of the book “How to Operate Your Home” by Mr. Fix-It.
  • Detailed inspections of properties that are being “flipped”that quickly identify defects beyond the new flooring and new paint.
  • New build inspections prior to closing that include overviews of paint, countertop surfaces, HVAC, structure, roofing, cabinets, plumbing fixtures and many other components and systems.
  • New build warranty inspections prior to the end of the first year of ownership to document condition of the home for the current owners. The report is then forwarded by the client to the builder to document needed repairs.



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